SuperAnnotate Overview

SuperAnnotate is the fastest image and video annotation automation platform that allows computer vision engineers to train data fast with top-notch quality and accuracy.

With SuperAnnotate you can

  • Create high-quality training datasets and annotations for computer vision tasks.

  • Set up projects and distribute tasks automatically.

  • Scale and manage teams for large projects.

  • Use active learning to annotate images for accurate recognition.

  • Automate annotations for predefined classes.

  • Use transfer learning to increase prediction accuracy of new classes and datasets.

  • Detect mislabeled annotations using QA automation.

  • View advanced analytics to track annotation speed and quality and measure project progress.


Get started to explore SuperAnnotate’s advanced features.

Create an account

Go to the signup page and enter your personal details, or sign up with Google.

Discover the app

SuperAnnotate’s cutting-edge features helps you manage computer vision projects like never before.

Advanced features include:

  • Tools to manage teams and projects.

  • Editor to label image and videos, classify annotated objects, and add comments to annotations.

  • Prediction function to automate your annotation's workflow.

  • Neural networks to train models.

Start a project

Use SuperAnnotate’s project feature to manage projects efficiently. Create a team, choose the project type, and test it for quality assurance.

Invite people to your team

Add members to your team, define roles and responsibilities, and track time spent on each task.

Upload data to your account

Upload images from your computer. You can also import pre-annotations and data from S3 Bucket, Google Storage, or CLI.