Team settings

As a Team owner, you can invite team members to run a model training.

Step 1: Invite a team member

Go to your team, invite a team member, and check the Team admin box.

Step 2: Allow them to run a training

Go to your project > Settings, and check the Allow to run a training box under Project admin permissions. The Neural network tab will be now visible and active to the Team admin.

You can revoke this permission anytime by unchecking the Allow to run a training box. After you revoke the permission, the Neural network tab will be visible but inactive.

The Team admin can still see all the previous training sessions but not change, rerun, or delete them. They also won’t be able to see the new training sessions.

The Team owner can see the training sessions run by the Team admin. They can also stop training sessions or modify them.

Click Delete model to remove a model.