Go to Settings to modify project settings anytime during the process.

Under the Settings tab, you can:

  • Change the project’s name and description.

  • Set image parameters:

    • For Pixel projects: image opacity, lines opacity, fill opacity, brightness, and contrast.

    • For Vector projects: font size, points size, fill opacity, brightness, and contrast.

  • Set the quality of uploaded images and videos:

    • Compressed: Check this circle if you want to compress your uploaded images and videos.

    • Original: Check this circle if you want to upload images and videos at their original quality. Note that this may slow down the system performance.

  • Add an attachment.

  • Set the permissions of the project’s admins.

  • Delete the project.

If you want the annotators to complete their annotations without sending them to the QA, check the Annotator can complete box.

If you want the comments and the entropy values to show, check the Show comments and Show entropy values boxes, respectively.

For Vector projects, you can control whether or not users see the labels such as Classes, Attributes, Points, Groups, and Template IDs. Check the Show entropy values box if you want all the labels to be displayed, or check the box of each label if you want only some of them to be displayed. Learn more about entropy value here.